Normally when you consider something like pollution, the first thing which comes to your mind is perhaps tons of smoke billowing from factory or a car which is burning off the gas. This is why most people are surprised when you talk to them about indoor air pollution. It’s not as uncommon as people think it is. In fact homes with old air conditioning systems are at risk for indoor pollution.

The following are a few common sources of indoor air pollution:

  • A Home which is prone to leakage and seepage is always at risk for air pollution. Damp breeds mold and people who suffer from allergies can get in trouble when exposed to the spores from the mold. Dampness can also lead to bacterial growth. This is why it’s necessary to address the issue as soon as you see damp spots on the walls. Dampness can be due to a number of factors and a faulty air conditioner can contribute to it as well.
  • Old air conditioning or heating systems or humidification machines can cause indoor pollution as well.
  • Asbestos in homes which have been built before the seventies.
  • Gas stoves which are not plugged in properly might cause the emission of carbon mono oxide fumes.

While this is by no means a complete list, there are other factors which would cause pollution a well. This would include air, animal dander, dust and poor air quality in the neighborhood. People who are allergic suffer breathing issues because all of the above mentioned. This in turn can lead up to severe health issues. Address these issues is necessary to ensure your complete peace of mind.

The following tips from the experts at air conditioning North Lakes would help you manage indoor pollution much better.

Clean the air filters on a regular basis

For those who are already suffering from allergies the filters should be cleaned or changed on a monthly basis. The rest can manage the filer cleaning every seven to eight weeks. This would help get rid of all the allergens which are trapped in the filters and also ensure that you breath in clean air every time.

Make sure the heating and cooling ducts are cleaned on a regular basis

The humid weather often causes mold to grow in the ducts. When the air conditioner is switched on, it might result in the spores getting into the filters and entering your home through the central air conditioning. So make sure you get those ducts cleaned properly.

Make sure the vents are vacuumed properly

Whenever you decide to clean the air filters also make sure that the vents re cleaned at the same time. Vacuuming can help get rid of all of the dust.

If possible replace the old air conditioning system

These day’s modern air conditioners are deigned in a way to keep the pollutants at bay. Thought you may find it out of your budget for the time being, but you can always talk about installments on air conditioning systems with the professionals at air conditioning north lakes.

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