Are you thinking about buying a new air conditioner? Chances are that you might already have done a bit of research on it. Buying an air conditioner might seem like a simple task there are still some things which need to be kept in mind. The following tips from the experts at Aircon Gold Coast would help you make the right choice.

Tips from the experts at aircon Gold Coast

  • If you have decided to buy a new air conditioner you should consider the size and capacity of the AC which should be in keeping with the size of your room. A smaller AC would have to work overtime and may not be efficient at providing adequate cooling. A big air conditioner for small room would consume too much energy and therefore increase the electricity bill.
  • It is also important that you only call professionals to install your air conditioner. Every cooling unit is not the same and therefore it is only an expert who can decide the best way to install it in a room. Improper installation could lead to a myriad of problems. The performance of your air conditioner is based on a good or a bad installation.
  • It is also important to consider noise control when buying an AC. A unit which makes too much noise would not let you have an ideal night sleep. It is suggested that the noise level should not be more than 50 decibel
  • Buy an air conditioner which is energy efficient and has a high energy star rating. More stars a unit has the better efficiency it would provide and also help lower the utility bills.
  • These days air conditioners with inverter technology are quiet an in thing. These are more expensive than regular air conditioner. These consume one third less energy.
  • Air conditioners these days use the P 2 protected capacitors. These are considered to have the highest level of safety and come with self healing properties which can deal with overpressure disconnection. For added safety these are enclosed in a protective metal covering. It should be kept in mind that there should be no curtains around the vicinity off the air conditioner because these can easily catch the Fire.
  • Choose an air conditioner which has easy to clean filters. Cleaning filters on a regular basis can save up to 5 to 10% energy. It even helps to keep the air quality in your room to a sufficient level and also prevents the allergens and pollutants from entering into your room
  • Do consider the air swing because it is important for the cool air to circulate in the room instead of just being blown into one space.

These days air conditioners come packed with a variety of features; however you one should only buy an AC which is equipped with the kind of technology which caters to the individual need of the user.

Make sure that you keep the above mentioned tips from the experts at Hinterland Air Conditioning in your mind before buying an AC.