There are several factors that you need to keep in mind when ordering custom made curtains in Sydney. Here are a few of them:

  • Colour – When making custom curtains, colour is important. You need to select the colours that complement your room. Shy away from the type of colours that contrast sharply with the room or any other amenities inside the room.
  • Size – The size of the curtain should be exactly the size of the window, not too large or too small. The size of the room should also be kept in mind when making a curtain.
  • Shape – The shape of the curtain will depend on the shape of your window, and should complement and not clash with it.
  • Length – The curtain should not be too long or too short as it may interfere with the design of the room. The best curtain length is one that brushes the floor or one that hangs just over the floor.
  • Lining – The lining of the curtain should be based on the size of the room and the overall vision. Some people prefer horizontal lining while others opt for vertical lining. Some even go for diagonal lining among other types.
  • Fabric – Fabric is an essential part of the curtain as it is the thing that is always visible. You should ensure that the material used to make the fabric is durable and easy to clean. The fabric will determine the colour of the curtain and other important patterns that the person wishes to include.

Disadvantages of custom curtains

Custom curtains are reliable as compared to standard curtains. However, they also have some limitations that can raise eyebrows. Here are some of the limitations of custom made curtains:

  • They are expensive – The topmost disadvantage of a custom curtain is that it is very expensive compared to a standard one. You are paying for specificity. While it ensures you are getting exactly what you need, it adds to the cost.
  • Additional costs – The additional costs are incurred as a result of hiring professionals to consider your requests and make the curtains, as well as the installation process. On the other hand, a standard curtain does not require hiring experts and can be easily installed by the buyer.
  • They take time to make – The experts have to visit the place where the curtain is to be put and take the necessary measurements as well as note the requirements from the buyer before they begin making it. This, therefore, makes it time-consuming and may inconvenience the client since it might take several days before it is ready. Standard curtains are produced in bulk and can be made available instantly because the machines are set to produce curtains of the same kind.

It may become useless if you move or change your style

Another big disadvantage of a custom curtain is that it can become useless when one decides to move into another house. However, the standard curtain may become handy in such situations since it is made to fit in all kinds of windows.

As discussed above, a custom curtains from is an excellent idea in any context although they also have some limitations or concerns. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to decide what they want for their home.