Heavy duty grinding machines are used to grind the concrete and give it a polished look. The equipment works by gradually grinding away the existing concrete and exposing a new shining surface. The clients have an option of going for either a completely new floor or a retrofit floor.

New concrete floors

Setting a completely new concrete floor is usually more cost effective it doesn’t require removal of any previous flooring o addition of sub flooring. The single step proves of laying down the floor in the first instance can help lower the budget. This is why new home owners often prefer to lay down a completely new concrete floor.

The process of laying down a new concrete floor involves pouring down the concrete to a full depth. This helps prevent the cracks from forming into the newly laid down floor. Once the concrete has dried up it needs to be given a professional finishing touch. It is cured with water for the next seven days to ensure the exact finish as desired by the client. Once the curing process is completed then only is the floor polished.  This is the time when decorative aggregates like marbles or sea shells are incorporated into the flooring to create amazing deigns and classy finishes.

Retro fit flooring

The process for retrofit floors differs a great deal from laying down anew concrete floor. If the existing concrete floor on which the retrofit is laid down is in good condition, all it requires is a single handoff polish. However, if the floor is in a bad condition it would have to be cut or grounded until the desired level of flooring is achieved.

Diamond –polished concrete floors

Diamond polished flooring while exclusive tends to be pretty time consuming. There are actually around six to twelve processes involved during the grinding process. The diamond’s grit size is increased gradually with every process. Diamond concrete floors are great for commercial spaces because these are resistant to any kind of spills and stains and prevent deep staining.

Processes involved in polishing concrete

  • Initially the concrete is cut using a diamond abrasive. Whether to polish wet or dry depends exclusively n what the professional thinks is feasible.
  • Once the concrete is opened up, a densifier is applied to the floor. This helps prepare the floor for further polishing processes.
  • The densifier is then allowed to dry up. It is cured until the desired level of polish is achieved.

There are several advantages of laying down a concrete floor. Not only are these easy to maintain but are considered a sustainable kind of flooring. There are very few to almost none harmful emissions during the cutting and polishing process. Concrete floors tend to be budget friendly when compared to marble or granite floorings. Plus the corrosion of these floors allows them to be a great deal less slippery. Despite its polished and shiny appearance concrete is a pretty safe flooring option.

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