When you bestow your internal spaces unto an interior designer, you expect nothing less than perfect. Reason being, these individuals have the potential to conceptualise as well as develop blueprints in various designs to fit a wide range of internal spaces. The best part is that the designs fit multiple objectives and budgets.

The end product should be highly functional: aesthetically pleasing and durable. While being an interior designer requires excellent interpersonal skills, unmatched design inspiration, and the ability to communicate fluently, having a natural love and enthusiasm for design is equally important.

In essence, these individuals can play with colour, space, and movement to create breathtaking designs. While hiring a designer, there are some pertinent questions you need to ask. Check them out below.

What inspires your design styles

This question is meant to bring out the personality of the designer. Besides, it intends to show the real reason behind the designs.

A good design must have a natural flair. Ideas must flow naturally, inspired by numerous things, including spatial arrangements, nature, and textiles, among others. They should not be decorators.

Between functionality and aesthetics, which do you put first?

An excellent designer shouldn’t choose any of the above a favourite. They need to balance between the two to come up with a practical design and a visually appealing design.

Do you prefer clients to be involved in your design process, or they should be hands-off?

Different designers have different preferences. While some prefer to have full control of the design process, others want to consult their clients every step of creation. As an employer, this puts you in a prime position of understanding who you are hiring. However, the ultimate thing is building trust between the client and the designer.

What’s the most challenging part of designing?

It is essential to understand the weak and strong points of a designer. This helps you avoid snags along the creative process. Also, it helps you to know whether they are the right candidate for the job.

What mistakes have you ever made, and how did you handle it?

This exposes the designers experience and the ability to handle such situations when they arise. Moreover, it reveals the preparedness of the designer and how he/she plans to cushion against any eventualities.

Explain your design process from start to end

This involves a detailed review of the design workflow, as well as the plan of management of the whole project. Of great importance is understanding the needs of the client.

What is your priority on budgetary allocations?

This question aims at starting well. Basically, it aims at avoiding unnecessary conflicts along the way, considering that you might have different priorities.

How do you handle demanding clients, especially those who reject your ideas continually?

With this question, you’ll understand the ability of the interior designer to deal with clients that are hard to please. Note that some problems arise due to poor communication but not design.